Butterfly In The Moonlight

by Nerissa

I donít like when you do that, itís very unwise.
Please, please, donít look into my eyes.
It stirs my feelings and causes me to fantasize.
I canít let you in,
It would be a moral sin.
On this matter I have vast rapport,
For down this path Iíve been twice before.
My God, my heart, itís still very sore!
You offer, then say youíll give even more.
Want for me, your love to explore
And want my nurturing, loving nature to restore.
It all sounds so warm,
Like shelter from a storm.
But goodness no,
I just can not let go
Of my senses again,
No matter how much you seem to be a true friend.
I absolutely refuse, no I will not pretend!
Oh dear, here go those bitter sweet feelings againÖ
Move away!
Stand back!
Donít touch me like that!
These stories never end well.
My heart is still where it last fell.
Torn out in the moonlight
On a hot summerís night.
Tears washed it away
As a butterfly
Fluttered by,
In the black, brilliant sky,
Then whispered to me
From up in a tree,
ďSweet maiden donít cry,
For in yourself you can rely.
Press on.
Be strong.
You, you can go on.Ē
I vowed then, there, and on that day,
That with my heart, again, no man would ever play
And from that promise I dare to never stray.
Love is uncertain
And most certainly cold.
It tells many lies and is indeed very bold.
It has a strong grasp, upon innocence does hold.
This is a lesson that took me many, many years to unfold.
Oh, it was such a long, crooked and treacherous road.
This mistake
I will never again make.
Thatís my new destiny, that is my new fate.

Butterfly In The Moonlight by Nerissa

© Copyright 2006. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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