My Friend, My Foe

by Paul B. Johnson

So my friend, we meet again
Some how I knew it would not be the end
Once again youíve breached the fortress
Thawing the ice around my heart
Powerless against your pretty poison, I succumb
An unwilling slave to your plan to be
Tears of joy flow as you embrace me
Followed by tears of pain as you drain my energy

The passion we make feels so good
Until I realize Iím only a shadow of where a man once stood
My soul-body is numb from the splendor of your presence
Merely a prelude to the feast of scavengers,
Insecurity, Fear, Regret fill their tummies
With the exposed flesh of my helpless soul-body

You see, Love, you donít fool me causeí I know your aim
For you, this dance is but a game
You smile in my face bringing hope and delight to my life
Only to stab me in the back and fill it with sorrow and strife
I learned that to waltz with you comes at a heavy price
Which is why I put my heart, my body, my soul on ice.

So until we meet again, my dear foe-friend
We both know this affair will never end
This dance, this battle, I know Iím destined to lose
For when Iím long gone from this earth
Youíll be here, still, making all the rules.

My Friend, My Foe by Paul B. Johnson

© Copyright 2002. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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