A Skin Colored Crayon

by Annette M. Parrott

My little prince, came home from school one day, 
and approached me, looking a bit dismayed.
His wee little voice was melancholy, 
"I need some more crayons to draw a picture of me".
I wrinkled my nose and said with a frown, 
"Why do you need more crayons, you've plenty shades of brown".
My heart just about broke when I heard him plead 
"My teacher says a skin colored crayon is what I need".
I smiled at him gently and took him by the hand, 
I led him to the mirror to help him understand.
I needed to make sure things were clear in his head
So I carefully explained, and this is what I said:

God is so creative and He loves us so much, 
that He takes extra care when creating us
With the Creator's aesthetic aptitude we're imbued
And He colors our skin with the richest hues:

We're amber like embers, a warming display
Or an auburn sunset the climax of any day
We're like the midnight sky extending to space, 
where man longs to conquer, we're the color of that place
We're like the dark colored silt, where the Nile's banks expand
Swollen with fertile nutrients, bringing life to the land
We're refined and delicate, a tawny tan fawn
whispering new beginnings like a misty filled dawn
We're an opulent violet, the color of Royalty
They've tried but cannot erase our regal history.
Like resilient resistant resin, pliant yet strong
Like sepia singing sweetly our picture in song
We're a kaleidoscope of colors God formed from clay
A rainbow of shades, a variegated bouquet
We are plum, We are sienna, We are mahogany, We are goldenrod
We are ALL these exquisite colors, fashioned exclusively by God.

But it's not just our skin that God conceives with a flair 
I'll show you with pride how He also textures our hair:

No our hair isn't straight like a still icy lake
But instead ripples with life, like the waves in a swan's wake
Undulating like the leaves as the breeze tickles the trees
Only distasteful to those who are naive
Our sun kissed hair glows radiant red
Plaited with care, crowning our head
Our locks are springy, a fleece filled with waves, 
Daniel said soft as lamb's wool, like the ancient of days (Daniel 7:9)

So the next time you're told, a skin color crayon you need
Tell your teacher you have plenty, you have all of these:

Brazen brown, tan, and midnight blue,
Burnt orange, auburn, amber, wait, I'm not through
Fawn, sepia, sienna, and plum, 
Goldenrod, cocoa, violet, I'm not quite done
Chocolate, chestnut, bronze, mahogany
Cinnamon, peach all colors of you and me
Beige, khaki, and any variation thereof
God colored us all these colors because He colored us with love.

A Skin Colored Crayon by Annette M. Parrott

© Copyright 2003. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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