I Can't Sit Down

by Annette M. Parrott

I can't sit down on what you've done
Knowing exactly where you've brought me from
I must instead stand and give you praise
Giving thanks that from the grave I was raised

I can't sit down when I hear your Word
Because of the joy that in me is stirred
When in your presence I must rejoice
With my body as well as my soul and voice

I can't sit down I must dance instead
For my feet know the horrors through which they've tread
They bear witness to your power in setting me free
And cant help but to dance in victory

I can't sit down and I'm not ashamed
That I'm exceedingly joyful when I magnify your name
I've got a jig of joy a prance of peace
A shuffle of satisfaction and contentment that won't cease

I can't sit down and don't want to
For salvation, joy, your Spirit, I thank you
For the dancing duet when your Spirit falls
How can I help but exalt you with my all

I can't sit down when honoring God
And have the very stones rob me of my job
My Father deserves a standing ovation
So I join in praise with the rest of creation

I can't sit down and be well behaved
I don't know a quiet way of being saved
My soul is overflowing, there's no longer a drought
So I skip and shout and let it flow out

I can't sit down and who says that I should
The world get excited when they're feeling good
At clubs, promotions, when their favorite teams win
Well my party is eternal and in the end WE win!

When was the last time you stood for the Lord?
Raised up in praise instead of acting stiff and bored
Realizing that sitting down just won't do
Where would you be if God sat down on you?

I Can't Sit Down by Annette M. Parrott

© Copyright 2002. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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