The Vibe

by Panthro

I feel it baby, can you? It is the vibe that I talked about. The vibe that takes a hold of your entire body and makes you a prisoner to passion, desire and perhaps love. It is the vibe that can chase away all of your inhibitions, and open you up to possibilities that you were only allowed to dream…before now. Oh yes baby, I feel it too. I don't know from whence it came, but it is here and I will gladly embrace it…you should too, because neither of us knows where it will take us, but it has brought a smile to my face with every silent passing of you through my mind.

Perhaps it is your smile—the way it lights a fire to my deepest members. Or maybe its just the way you call my name—as if it's the only one you know, and ever care to know. I suppose it could be the way you look at me— as if you see something you have been longing for, for the very first time. It most certainly could be the way you make love to me—giving me all of your you—moving your beautiful body to the beat of my every sensation, surrendering your precious gift to my me while our bodies become one in what seems to be a lifetime of pure erotic pleasure.

It is without a doubt your heart—it beats so freely with a love and compassion so bright that you could neither hide it nor change it if you tried. It is, my dear, all of these things that make me want to bask in the joy of this vibe I'm feeling. You see baby, all of these things make you the beautiful woman that you are, and it's your beauty that has me longing for you.

The Vibe by Panthro

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