The Gathering

by Panthro

We gathered in a dark secret place, a cave of sorts. The twelve of us; all Blackmen, all lions, all leaders of our respective tribes. We gathered, our hearts filled with the rage of a thousand years, our hearts and minds guided by the spirit of a righteous freedom. No one lion greater than another—we embraced in a brotherhood long lost, long destroyed by the demons of oppression.

We gathered beaten down, but strong still, yoked with the spirit of determination and the rage of a nation that has been stepped on, but never crushed –beat on but never beaten.

We gathered, ready finally—finally ready to reclaim the heart of our people, ready to show the pure strength of our blessed blackness. Prepared finally to replant the seeds of pride in our nation.

We gathered and marked the day where the World would be made known the depths of our rage, and our freedom would become real.

We gathered determined to take the World to its original state of beauty and restore the beat of its heart with the gracious rhythm of our blackness.

We gathered and fellowshipped in the righteousness of God— the keepers of His fields, the warriors of His Word.

We gathered together, and again became ONE.

The Gathering by Panthro

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