The Day After

by Panthro

Today is the day after. The contour of my mattress is changed, its strength is enduring—it welcomes the weight of another. My blanket is stretched to an unfamiliar boundary—it has worked hard to overcome the damp sheets and contain the energy of a new rhythm. The birds outside are singing—the sound of their new song awakens me…the rest of me. The sun greets me with a smile, and Mother Nature blows me a kiss, a soft breeze, that entices me to reveal my naked body.

The gentle caress of a soft hand down my back brings a smile to my face, and sparks a sweet reminiscence of the night before.

She was not alone when she walked through the door. In her heart, she hid the Key Bearer—whom waited to open the door she had guarded all of this life. In her mind, she hid the guardian of her sensuality—whom had been painfully waiting to sentence her body to an insatiable pleasure.

When we hugged, I looked into her eyes. They reached straight through my heart and grabbed my soul. There was no struggle, for it was time to let go of my past and embrace the reality I had been trying to erase…Love just is!

She took me by the hand, as Love began to speak through her. Love said, "Take me in your arms and hold me like never before. Touch me anywhere and caress me everywhere. Kiss me with a kiss that knows no boundaries. Consume me—consume me with the passion that has shaken my will and made me a slave to the mere thought of you. Give me your you…take my me to the top of the mountain—where the climax reaches out to heaven. You now hold the key, open the door and embrace me!"

I did…Today is the day after.

The Day After by Panthro

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