In the Vineyard

by Carol Elizabeth Owens

After his lips invite and
    sip the nectar of divine wine,
only then may they touch mine;
    And as we breathe deeply
the breath of life,
     I feel the vibe,
and taste the spice - 
     we are intoxicated
by the sweet vapor,
     swirling in the
delightfully delicious flavor
     of a celestial kiss -
     the true taste of bliss;
I cling to the animated vine
     elevated, inebriated,
as the fragrance of new wine
     tantalizes the fullness
of my wide open mind;
     Did I already say
that it is divine?
     If so, then that's fine;
because the vintage is fresh,
     and we are blessed
to enjoy it at the first press,
     cherishing nature's best
beneath the veil of paradise manifest --
     ohh, yes;
We quench our thirst
     as the juicy fruits burst,
it is a prelude to the sensation
     of future fermentation;

Sharing the abundant sample
     where the harvest is ample,
and finding each treat	
     of the feast
is not hard 
     in the vineyard;
We see the means
     to meet our needs,
and, indeed,
     we are planting seeds
for the future -today,
     to keep the splendor
of this bounty
    from ever wasting away.

In the Vineyard by Carol Elizabeth Owens

© Copyright 2002. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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