by Carol Elizabeth Owens

Though you missed it
as you slept
your spirit was twisted
and no one wept
when the whirlwind swept
away the beauty your soul
like a tempest uncontrolled;

you sobbed
feeling empty and robbed -- 
the only thing left behind
was a vague memory of joy
in your tortured mind;

is your image of self,
into something else -- 
something worthless;

is your sense of pride,
into conceited shame
deep down inside;

is your vision of life,
into images of death -- 
enthusiasm now bereft;

is the good into bad,
the happy into sad,
and now
you are always mad --
never glad;

is your calm into stress,
you think life is a mess,
everything is a test,
you get no rest,
and now
you are always depressed;

Take some time
to unwind,

and free your mind,

Reclaim the joy
once left behind,

Seek and ye shall find,

If you can see
you are not blind,

Open your eyes
and behold the prize
that openly lies
before you undisguised,

Unravel your rope,
cling to new hope,
and straighten things out

Eliminate doubt,
know what you're about,
embrace your own clout --

And by the way,
the next time you feel
the twister coming
wake up and don't sleep.

Twisted by Carol Elizabeth Owens

© Copyright 2002. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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