Kaleidoscope Colors

by Zo

Last night I found myself scraping pieces of my ego off the bathroom mirror 
It was splattered on there like paint thrown in an attempt 
to cover the rooms reflection in case its pure white walls 
decide to scream to me the character of my color. 
I mean the colors of my character. 
Which way do you think I should have meant it. 
How should I have said it 
When there are people who look at me 
like I wear my skin color as a prison sentence. 
White supremacist, white power. 
What color do you find your soul to be during clear rain showers. 
Is it lined with an aura as black as the skin you hate. 
When you lay to rest, years after your finals days 
And all that's left is the bones that keep your soul caged 
What color is your skin then 
Does your skeleton ache to find it in an aim to remember 
the luxurious feeling it had when you let it believe that white made it superior
Do the black holes that held onto your white eyes 
still see color when they look in front of them 
At the only barrier 
That still keeps you in the dark 
Apart from our reality that past my skin color 
I am made of pure love 
That I plead to you with poetry to show what people are made of 
Once we're done slinking in our costumes and it wilts away, 
how many people have made love 
To the rainbow-colored soul of a person 

Kaleidoscope Colors by Zo

© Copyright 2014. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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