by Michelle Orozco

The urge for lovemaking is running through my mind
You kissing me, oh so gently while holding me from behind
Thoughts of us kissing, laying in the bed
All or this and more going through my head
My body craves your heat, longs for your touch
Who would have thought I would want you this much
Everything that runs through my mind makes me want you more
The passionate lovemaking is what I really adore
My secret place becomes moist by the very thought of you
Picturing you taking your time in everything that you do
Caress my body with your hands and your lips
Stopping oh so gently to kiss and grab on hips
It's getting extremely hot in here
We feel like we have run out of air
I'm ready to heighten our pleasure whenever you are
Grab the whip cream and fruit from the bar
I'm willing to give myself to you completely
All I want is for you to complete me
Now together we're twisting and turning
Our passion light has been lit and now it's burning
Running my fingers all down your spine
With you on my side, your hands in this hair of mine
Turn me over so you can kiss me down my back
Now we've taking it slow, like we don't know how to act
Being like this pieces fall into place
I'm your QUEEN, you are my ACE
We are to the point, where we are going to explode
Pressing all the right buttons to the secret code
Together now we let it all out
Ending the lovemaking in a moan and a shout

Unforgettable by Michelle Orozco

© Copyright 2006. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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