When I Look Back

by Orin Griffin

With all my senses open wide,
I dare to reminisce;
Of buried treasures locked in time,
Sealed with a kiss.

For once upon a yesterday∆
The gray turning to black; Ż
A curtain slowly draws to close,
The stage when I look back.

Gentle is the west wind,
That provides my mind a peek,
Into a blurry stillness,
Where my heart can∆t bare to speak.

My father, an impatient man,
He worked hard, dusk to dawn.
Never knew how much I loved him,
Until his days were gone.

Mother was the sweetest rose,
How did she get cancer?
I knelt down by her ailing side,
And cried over the answer.

She slipped away so peacefully,
One morning in December.
Her smile, like a brilliant star,
Is what I still remember.

We couldn't want for any more
Though less was what we had.
A house, a home, a belly full,
And my simple writing pad.

When counting all my blessings,
There∆s no anger to dismay;
Regret will never own me,
While forgiveness guides my way.

Onward, I must tread without,
The golden days of bliss.
Gently, let the curtain close,
And seal it with a kiss.

When I Look Back by Orin Griffin

© Copyright 2006. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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