by Oracle

i've had on a mask for about twenty-seven months
756 days to be exact
i'm scared to take it off 
for fear that my face and self-dignity won't be intact 
i shouldv'e left when you threw that first low blow
that landed so close to my heart
but i was an idle-brained fool
a complete nincompoop 
for having the belief that i could change something
that i had no control over from the start
this was not your average relationship
whereas you wake up to i love you and a kiss
i wake up to shut the fuck up bitch and brutality from your fists
in the beginning the abuse was verbal 
strictly emotional and mental 
then it turned into physical 
and i'm thinking am i truly this simple
to sit around and take it
but the truth is 
i'm scared he might have another raging fit 
and i can't stand to take another hit
then you tell me you love me and you're sorry
but sometimes you get inflamed and take it out on me
because your love's so strong for me
that doesn't make any sense
then here goes the questioning again
am i truly that dense
or is love truly blind
so blind that i can't see that this man 
the love of my life 
is doing nothing but damaging and hurting me
maybe we should go get help
then you blow up and say nothing's wrong
here comes the pain again
nine times as strong
i need to get away
but i can't i'm trapped
literally frightened by the thought that this might be the day 
where you can't stop 
even after my body's dropped
it's a shame 
because every day that i stay 
all the life and love in me is slowly fading away.

Mistreatment by Oracle

© Copyright 2001. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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