The Tragedy That Has Us All Thinking

by Ondrea Robinson

I'm sure some of you people had lovedones who died or who were survivors in the attacks in New York, Pennsylvania, and Washington, D.C. Even if you didn't, I'm sure you probably said that the terrorists who shot down the planes and killed people had no heart at all. It was true because they didn't care about human life when innocent people fought for their lives.

God had spared death on the survivors. I heard a lot of Caucasian people on the news saying how scared they were and that they were lucky to be alive. Lucky wasn't the word. They did not say that it was God who saved them from dying in a horrific atmosphere. God was the one who created all people. He didn't tell us to terrorize any land. He told us to love one another. (I saw an African-American lady who was a survivor, and she thanked God for being alive and for being saved.)

Speaking of love, that's what we need right now. Things will not be okay because people need to get together and realize that hate in this world is getting worse. The hate comments need to stop because this world is lacking loving everyone.

The terrorists who did this must pay dearly and seriously for what they have done to America. It was a disgrace, but what was even worse was one of them coming on television and asking the American people for forgiveness. As if we're going to forgive someone who took advantage of our freedom. No way.

The Tragedy That Has Us All Thinking by Ondrea Robinson

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