Thoughts In My Head

by Ondrea Robinson

I thought I was the type of person who could keep a lot of friendships and still have time for everything else.

It turned out that I was wrong.

Some of my friends didn't bother to tell me why they didn't want to continue their friendship, causing me to feel betrayed. Well, like a lot of people say, it's their loss that I'm not their friends anymore. I don't have to get along with anyone to have friends, especially people who are close to my age. Some of these young people will turn their backs on people and not even care about people's feelings.   If you ask me, they're so-called friends if they want to treat you badly!

Here's some advice--if a person doesn't want to be a friend for whatever reason, let that person know. Don't leave him or her out in the cold. I've been left out there too many times, and it wasn't good. I'm doing the best I can in order to get involved in my community as well. A lot of young kids these days don't even want to follow the footsteps of mine. They choose to do drugs or hang out with the wrong crowd. A lot of girls are having babies, even after high school. I choose the path where God can guide me--helping out those who are in need.

I'm improving my writing so I can become a better writer. I know I'm not going to get published anytime soon because there are a lot of publishers who want money to publish stories that people write. (I just wish that there is a publisher out there that will pay me for my stories.) I will, however, keep writing. I have some sites that have poems posted, so that's a start for the moment.

Before I go, I would like to tell you that guessing what people are thinking about and reading facial expressions can be fun.

Thoughts in my head. Something to think about.

Thoughts In My Head by Ondrea Robinson

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