Love Used In Vain

by SolePurpose

I'm sorry, but you've alrady been replaced
So, save all of those "I love you's" and get out of my face
You're a day late and a dolla short
Simply put like Mrs. McMillan
Save your "gotta get her back" mentality and get to steppin'
Don't get me wrong
No hard feelings at all
But this relationship makes no sense to prolong
I can't understand your reason for proclaiming
your supposed love for me AFTER you were dismissed
Am I trippin'?
Or is there something I missed?
You rarely even called me!
And I was your gyrl...
I was real good to you
With you I even was willing to share my world
"Computer love..."
Then was the only time I'd be shown some attention
You didn't even show love
But I'd like to think you had good intentions
Though you always proved my thoughts to be wrong
It is you now who is singin' the latest sad love song
I've found me a love that goes above and beyond
to please me in more ways than one
But if there's one thing you taught me it was how to let go
And your love you claim you have for me...
I'd rather not know   

Love Used In Vain by SolePurpose

© Copyright 2005. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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