Power to the People

by SoulPurpose

You can strip us
Take away our culture enriched names
Rid us of our native tongue
Impose your religion upon our own...
And we will still stand tall
With our...
Fists raised proudly
And afros picked to perfection
The ideology by which our people stand:
"By any means necessary"
From the freedom riders
To the soul survivors
From the message
To the the one's that actually listened
"The Revolution will not be televised"
But we all have been advised...
That if we don't know where we come from
We won't know where we're going
But we as a people--
Our yearning and searching is constantly growing
For answers to unanswered questions
For success as our final destinations
Giving meaning to 
Survival of the fittest
Knowing we are descendents of...
Kings and Queens
Conscious Poets & Soul Sistas
Buffalo Soldiers & Dreadlocked Rastas
And that they all in some way
Are in relation to us
So, when you look in the mirror
Fill in the blank-Black
Sit in the classrooms in which history once took place
Walk the same streets as activists once did
Know that it's the reason why I believe...
Black is the epitome of personified beauty.

Power to the People by SoulPurpose

© Copyright 2007. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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