It's Personal

by SoulPurpose

 We go waaay... back
Hide n' go get it
Double dutchin' barefoot in the middle of the street

The nature of our relationship then; shifted
Allowing innocent to be lost in time
And regardless of the consequences...
We acted physically & emotionally due to curiosity
And...curiosity definitely killed this cat
And you best believe sole satisfaction brought it back


Making you apart of my experimenting
And as hypothesized it would wind up
With me writing poetry 
With your name's traces within each line
And the consequence; 
Our friendship no longer in existence

Leaving me to ask...
Was it worth it?

Cuz now you don't look at me and see
Things you once did 
You see my physical
And it surpasses my mental
Now making me feel 
Like nothing more than
A bootycall.

And again I ask...
Was it worth it?

Cuz over the years
I've subconsciously fallen for you
And you've done nothing less
Than shown me you felt otherwise
But I've tried to suppress the anguish
By giving into your physical desires
Thinking that one day
In some way
You'll fall for me too

We go waaay back...
Hide n' go get it
Double dutchin' barefoot in the middle of the street

Well, even if you don't; I do

Passing notes in church about my friend and your friend
All the while crushing on you
And talking on the telephone 
Listening to the exhalation of breath on the receiver
Finally admitting after years have passed
That stories about you and others were all lies
And with me you experienced your very first time

Midnight moonlight shining on our cocoa brown n' buttermilk complexions
And the sound of waves crashing in the background
As I take and you give
And I take again and you give; again
With a single tear drop lost in the sands...

We go waay back...
Hide n' go get it
Double dutchin' barefoot in the middle of the street...

It's Personal by SoulPurpose

© Copyright 2007. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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