This Is Not a Love Poem

by SolePurpose

This ain't got shyt to do with love 

This has everything to do with the thoughts 

that have been synthesized in my mind 

Prior to 

It was like Dejavu 

Like you already knew 

All the right things to say and to do 

And I continue... 

To, allow myself to give into 

Lustful adventures with you 

It's as if you've poisoned my blood with your DNA 

As if we were genetically correct 

Enscripted; made for eachother type shyt 

Some Bonnie & Clyde 

"F" it 

I'm down for the ride 

This here's an adventure 

There are no procedures 

I want it so badly, gentle, MADLY 

Animalistic; got me goin' balistic 

I'll admit... 

I'm crazy over you 

"Romeo...oh where art thou Romeo?" 

I thought that was you 

This feels like destiny 

And could quite possibly 

Lead into more 

And as each day passes it becomes this way 

More and more 

This jones for one another 

Got a sista' wonderin' 

"Is this a love poem?" 

This Is Not a Love Poem by SolePurpose

© Copyright 2005. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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