Memoir of My First Love

by SoulPurpose

 So easily my pen scribes the syllables; 
And no matter how many times I've tried not to
It is something I will always unconsciously do

I am…

Wishing it were Gore
And not Bush elected
So you didn't have to leave; me
Three hundred and thirty three days to fight a senseless war

As I awake with tear streaked cheeks
Amid a tossing and turning sleep

I long for you
I cry for you
I want to be with you

Wishing it were I that bore your child
Wishing the day I found out "she" was your wife
It were all a lie
Because I earned those stripes

Your first in so many ways
If given the opportunity
I'd love you for the rest of my days
I'm talkin' til' death do us part
Because I've loved you from the very start

Willing to put it all on the front line
Willing to share
What's mine in yours
And what's yours is mine

Seven years…
S-E-V-E-N years I have loved you
And still to this day I will continue to

I want it to all make sense
Make you come along with me as I reminisce 
Of the times we've shared
Of experiencing something felt so rare

You taught me how to love selflessly
You taught me to be strong
Yet I was so weak…
Because your love knocked me off my feet

My truth
Due to you being so real to me
It's as if you were chiseled out of stone
And made particularly for me

Please; make it, make sense
To make this anguish
Dwindle away…

So this wound would finally scab over
And appear as if it never existed
But when it comes to you
The scar remains; hyper-pigmentated
Transcribed then translated


Memoir of My First Love by SoulPurpose

© Copyright 2008. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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