The Verdict

by Nubian Reign

Vandalized and ripped from Africa's womb 
Inducted a martyr a life-time too soon
A cadaver pierced nineteen times?
And you mean to tell me that there was no crime?
Untouchable while in uniform and carrying your stick
But when confronted before a jury you cried like a...
May you all choke on the seeds of every apple in New York
And rot like the stench of burning pork
Amadou what is necessary to ensure that the truth is told
So when the final verdict is read
they'll be no one to protect and Serve
Your soul...

As Mayor Giuliani cracks down on crime 
And the percentages continue to fall
Remember that no justice for one, means no justice for all
Rogue racist cops continue castrating innocent black men
Backed up by a justice system, which they swore to defend
Does "following the rules for potentially dangerous suspects",   
Mean the death and destruction of every African immigrant?
Your cowardly crimes may go unpunished in criminal court
So may you reap the whirlwind on the streets of New York
And lest we forget Amadou Diallo, the more we remember the truth  
That this country's ultimate goal is the destruction of black

Once again the same thing happens
No more peace ‘cause these cops keep clappin’
Innocent folks
Different strokes 
With blue coats
It hurts me to my heart to 
See another brotha’ smoked 
Like meat
We're being slain on the streets
By these guys
With flat feet
Who hide behind a blue disguise
Eat donuts and plot our demise

They came to America looking for a better way
Working for pennies each and every day
Got the nerve to call it the good ole' U S of A
The justice system fails once again
But that's par for the course, if you’re a black man
We protest, sing until we are weary and worn
But still nothing is done, another family torn
The fact that this still surprises some black folks
Just supports the lie
That any of us have a piece of the pie
It's time to wake up, and face the facts
If we don't take it by storm
We will forever be strapped

To honor, protect and serve
In the near future it may change to "Protect and Preserve"
Why don't we make it official so they don't need a reason
Give out lifetime licenses for "Nigga Hunting Season"
A black man behind a tree standing next to a deer
Looking around the corner to see if it's clear
It's pretty sad when a man and animal have to compete
But they can't cross a field and we can't cross the street
Flood the black communities with game wardens
so the shootings will Cease
If they charge gaming fines to the New York police
At least it would be more than the courts could do
Making us ‘Men In Black’ on Sundays
because of their men in blue
And Republicans like Giuliani
will always continue to give their support
I'd love to be a fly in the car when Colin Powell
gets pulled over in New York...

The Verdict by Nubian Reign: PoetiCCessence, RadiKalson, YNotMe, Dmellifluous1der and RiP

© Copyright 2000. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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