Sense Us 2000

by Nubian Reign

There's a METHOD to this madness in case you didn't know
It's a CALCULATED scheme to swindle votes from the ghetto...
Souls are DIVIDED into insignificant FRACTIONS 
EQUAL rights SUBTRACTED as a direct reaction
Now it's time to delegate the truth
Not a left-wing liberal who's trying to SQUARE our ROOTS
No COLORING, no flavoring, and no ADDED pre(SERV)atives  
Just a long term MATHEMATICAL EQUATION to cancel out the NIGGATIVES
MULTIPLE accounts of deception evident on each and every division
Taxpayers, Don't bill us or our rights; BILL Clinton
The solution to the problem is a simple reasoning deduction
Never cast your vote for anyone who only cares about you during elections...

Check the tax box and pay homage to your King
That dances around the issues while playing AmeriKa's Theme 
Victims flood the election poles from Beverly Court to the Projects
To stand in line and vote for 4 more years of Russian Roulette 
While memorized by the fair hair, white teeth and Ivy League
That disguise the ugly hearts and filthy minds of the Grand Ole' Party 
Delivering broken promises faster than Korporate Express
For a chance to score in the Oval Office with a Monica Lewinsky reject 
Kickbacks, Under-the-table deals, and expensive meals 
Are all chargeable to AmeriKa's Tax Bill 
So why again do we elect these Polit(e)trick-sin?

Vote for me yeah I'm your man
Election day came now where's your plan
Jobs for people and more childcare
People are still walking around here on welfare
System fair but yet fucked up
Before the election you were like what's up?
The murder rate crime and poverty too
Your ass is in office
But nothing you said was true!

I just have one question
Not here to confront or attack
But would you vote for any candidate
As long as that person was black?
It's time to put the brothers in office on the spot
Would you rather Clinton(Democrat) ran the country?
Or the honorable J.C. Watts(Republican)?
Now I'm no hater….mind you
It would be a landmark time to see a black man
Grace the steps in D.C. for the initial time in a beautiful situation
But I will not forget the things for which they stand
Because of their pigmentation
So Colon, Armstrong, Clarence and all you others
If you want my vote I suggest you find a new start
Because you'll never get support from this black liberal bleeding heart

Smiling and waving
While kissing black babies
Politicians grins favoring Satan
Always trying to relate
With the black man's plight
But at least you're able to sleep easy at night
Stop fronting and faking
Shucking and jiving
While them pockets get lined 
Sexual gratification is on the agenda in the House of Reps
And yet our minds 
You continue to molest

Sense Us 2000 by Nubian Reign: PoetiCCessence, RadiKalson, YNotMe, Dmellifluous1der and RiP

© Copyright 2000. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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