Perpetuating Hate

by Nubian Reign

Visions of the overcoming have been shaded 
Dreams of not running are surprisingly faded 
Opportunity has now closed and locked its doors 
The remainder of life...dragging behind a Ford 
Sparks generated from bones rubbing against asphalt 
Hands turned back 400 years to legalized racial assault 
Lynchings on a maple tree have now been upgraded
to draggings behind a 99 Chevy

Now Camelot has come full circle to this age 
Instead of turning the page it has merged with the past 
As the medieval acts that outlasted that time 
Have infected the minds of the ignorant in the present 
Resenting others for color in spite of their thoughts 
Our ancestors fought hard so those days would be done 
But resurrection has come..Black Easter is here..Persecution has begun 

Sit back and witness with indifference
AmeriKa burning down at your front door
with society finishing off the score from a 400 year war
while you're waiting for your turn to walk through the revolving door
being repeatedly race-raped like a corporate whore
and holding hands waiting on a black savior
to deliver you from under the cars floor board

The tire tracks left imprints in the sand
This was not any ordinary man
A father, a teacher, a lover, a friend
How dare you play God
And suspend
Another life
A statistic by far
Scared to confront your fears, so you continue to scar
A race of people, who love at all costs
After years and years and the lives we've lost
Our souls are forgiving, our hearts wide open
It's time to stop running
.And start coping

Coming together with more unity than the armed forces
To wage war
We're Black Knights on Black Horses
"Disgusted but not Surprised" is how the article started
Dragged behind a Ford but my brotha not dearly departed
I pledge allegiance to the flag
Another black man's rights have been dragged
By a group of racist whites
Who hate us because our color is so tight
When will your people ever learn 
That Hell is hot
so forever will you burn
for all the things that you have done
against a nation of black people 
who will never turn and run

Perpetuating Hate by Nubian Reign: Tracy McKever, Brett Bonner, LaVerne Prade, Doc Williams and RiP

© Copyright 1999. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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