Modern Day Traffic

by Nubian Reign

I see through the eyes of Isis
A nation brought to Crisis
Running out of time on gas prices
So high that I am flying
Yellow lights yielding to people dying
The sounds of horns drown out babies crying
Toxic fumes of injustice seep through exhaust pipes
Plastered on the BILL(board) of Rights
A statistic made by this cast type
Bumper to bumper rush hour madness
Miles and miles of ghetto traffic
Fleeing the city to escape all of the havoc

There is no escape from the inner city madness
Brothers and sisters being killed leaving families with sadness
Rolling blackouts got you living in the dark
Look around my brother no more trees in the park
The ozone layer is gone up in smoke
Don't take a deep breath cause you just might choke
This world is dying and it's dying real fast
My car is parked for now due to the price of gas

Resource pools filled with CO2 gas
Cleansing corporate dollars with NRC cash 
Soon the death of civilization will soon come to pass
Replacing technology with a nuclear blast
The three numbers written at the pumps represent   
A third world evolution on a Three Mile continent    
First nuclear power plants will become revolutionized
Then global warming trends can customized
So clear the Napalm Babies from where Conservative Babies lie
So the radiation meltdown don't sting their little eyes

The price of gas no longer affects just the poor
Pimpin' our pockets like a two dollar whore
From Capitol Hill 
To Maine
Everyone is feeling the pain
Continued economic homicide
In the first degree
While the Bush Administration lives worry free
Gouging our earnings 
While we're just yearning 
For a little relief
And I see none in sight
This is like a bad dream
On a long summer's night

Modern Day Traffic by Nubian Reign

© Copyright 2001. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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