The Journey

by Nubian Reign

A young man
Walked up to an elderly couple one day on the street 
He asked "Have you heard of Nubian Reign?" 
"Do you know what you're asking for son?" the old man replied 
"I need to know what it is and who it is, he said.
The old man released his wife and looked into the young man's eyes
As his eyes began to glow the young man became scared and afraid 
But it was too late 
Grabbing the young man by the hand 
"This is what you asked for" he said, "This is Nubian Reign" 
Into space they disappeared coming upon five dimensions of spirit 
"Choose your way", the old man bellowed to the young man. 

Down the first Spiritual corridor he entered and felt someone inside...
The soulful embodiments of syllables wrapped in ballpoint
materials is the path I walk with my pen says RiP 

Down the second corridor of Respect someone whispered to him... 

Healing one's self, before dealing with anything else 
is the wisdom of YNotMe 

Down the third corridor of Revolution a voice shouted...
Poetically enSLAVEd to the injustices of AmeriKan Scream 
that tears through the ears of the Unconscious Mind is the 
power of the RadiKalSon 

Down the fourth corridor of Change he was told.... 

Releasing holds from social nooses while penetrating 
minds to free forbidden mental juices is the sign of PoetiCCessence 

Down the fifth corridor of Knowledge he was taught... 

Keeping it real while educating the masses and schooling 
my people like Black History classes is the grace of Dmellifluous1da 

And upon leaving the last stage
He was back on the same corner
Soaking wet 
Yet not the same
What he was seeking was not one thing
But many
He now knew life was a game no more
Somehow it seemed sane
He found his fate in life
The journey was completed
By a wise old man
And five drops of Nubian Reign.

The Journey by Nubian Reign: PoetiCCessence, RadiKalson, YNotMe, Dmellifluous1der and RiP

© Copyright 2000. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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