by Nubian Reign

There are times you wonder If the thunder you hear from above Is forsaken love coming down from the sky Why is it you care? Could it be the smell of Godiva entrenching your hair Perspiration that never sounded so sweet You can't retreat to shelter We won't let you leave Our chocolate metaphors have imprisoned your brain You scream out loud A witness to five spirits embedded in the clouds Teardrops of mocha falling Is this insane? Your mind disdained and powerless Running 700 miles to the real X-files for answers Yet the same you'll never be.. It is no longer a game.... You've become the first victim of a Nubian Reign... When we unite we Reign Worse than Meth bringing the pain Our prose too lethal to contain I remain PoetiCCessence the same It's a shame how you blame and try to rename our verses as being insane your words only fan our flames like a forest fire drenched by acid rain Our metaphors leave you deliriously maimed You object our style...but it is sustained red eyed and jet lagged from that midnight train To Georgia.....verbally and mentally we slaughter ...another collabo SLAINED!! Laying it out like a chalk outline Searching the furthest ghetto skyscrapers in your mind Hoping to escape this mental torture on a mission praying that your mother had abort ya while your seeking refuge from this agent orange your bodies being tracked by our lyrical brainstorm red lights beaming down on your whole set take a deep breath cause its the last you'll get TOO LATE..... Lyrics began to flow flawlessly from every direction Nubians swimming upstream through your erection attaching themselves to cells like Natural Selection for this injection you should've used protection to fight off this germ burning through your anatomy corroding every coronary artery until Rigamortis sets in taking over your body Five grains of sand on a beach standing out This is what Nubian Reign is all about Teaching our people by means of words Bring together the masses like sheep in a herd Through poetry we try to reach our people Bringing the noise like a bell in a church steeple I be the one they call the "Dmellifluous1Da With words and thoughts your mind I will plunder If you are wondering what Dmellifluous1Da means I'll break it down for you tear it up at the seams Mellifluous means mellow which fits my script Spitting mad flow and words straight from my lips That's my intro I'm about to be out Now I hope you have an idea what Nubian Reign is all about Pimping you like a ho Rhyming 'cause you don't know What we've done and where we've been Got you stuck in the lion's den Trying to get out But there's nowhere to go You're walking around in limbo Our flow has you hypnotized I can see it in your eyes You can't verbalize The experience you feel But it's more than that It's strong as steel Stop trying to run, you can't even hide You better run inside Before you get wet We are blowing up the set Stronger than Cain ……You've just been hit by Nubian Reign
Tracy McKever, Brett Bonner, LaVerne Prade, Doc Williams and RiP ?1999

Freestylin' by Nubian Reign: Tracy McKever, Brett Bonner, LaVerne Prade, Doc Williams and RiP

© Copyright 1999. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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