Freestylin' 2

by Nubian Reign

 Back again with words to make you think 
 You stick out your tongue to catch a REIGN drop
 Take a drink 
 The pen and ink 
 Excite me I don't know
 If it's the rhymes or message 
 All in my flow 
 I gotta go 
 Peace and love until next time
 I hope you liked the way 
 That I did my rhyme
 I'm out the door
 PoetiCCessnce shall now shine

Back it up...back it up, I'm coming through
Bringing Nubian Reign with my morning dew
Sprinkling your mental lawns with my flow
Providing poetic fertilizer to help it grow
Representing NYC until the end of time
Not packing a nine...but packed with a mind
Raising intellects as if I were carrying a gun
RiP I don't think they heard me...tell them how it's done

Foreshadowing time
I run laps around infinity
With these divine perceptions trapped within me
By the barriers in which oppression has frozen
Fate brought me beneath the Reign
To begin this process of erosion
Emancipating the mentally enslaved
As the Reign stops yet the process begins as the mud dries
Penetration of the soil lies
RiPing the foundation as the roots slowly rise
Coming together as one
As we shine in the aura of the RadiKalson

Walk blind into the shadow of the RadiKalSon
And witness the voice breaking chains of oppression
Releasing the slave mind from its modern day Reality 
And replacing Koward fear with a new strategy
Consuming fruits of Knowledge in abundance
‘Til the day the Revolution is upon us
Burying Korporate Pills on top of Kapitol Hill  
And using Klan sheets to sop up the spills
Blood wet from the battle of my lyrical life expectancy 
As I introduce the thunder of the poetess YNotMe

If not me then who else
Could bring the Reign
Got you second guessing yourself
Last but not least
Words covering you like a fleece
Flow you can’t compete
Stop trying to ride my style
I’ve been doing this for a while
‘Don been to the mountaintop
And back again
To ignore my style would be a sin
If you miss out on this experience it would be a crying shame
Step outside where it’s wet…..and be drenched by Nubian Reign

Freestylin' 2 by Nubian Reign: Tracy McKever, Brett Bonner, LaVerne Prade, Doc Williams and RiP

© Copyright 1999. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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