Falling Down

by Nubian Reign

A nation of millions with respiratory hijack
And a million hearts pounding from a senseless attack
Smoke filling the chamber of Lady Liberty's lungs
While an entire nation of victims take Arms
Fighting wars to mend the fabric of the AmeriKan way
And dying for a cause that still shines gray
AmeriKa can only heal from the inside out
And should not expect clean water from its dirty spout
Our thirst for wealth bringing buildings to its knees
Stay down there and pray for a cure to the disease

You talk about this disease but there is no cure
Amerika got raped so now what's the score
Never has this happened on Amerikan soil
2 buildings crumble like aluminum foil
New York was the scene for the greatest rain of terror
But has Amerika stopped and taken a look in the mirror
Years of oppression and racial tension
Oh yeah let us not forget to mention
The lack of equality and justice for all
This is the true reason for Amerika's downfall

Each minute we are closer to judgement day
Not too long ago Amerika wouldn't pray
Banned from playgrounds, sandboxes and classrooms alike
It wasn't until the fall of Democracy
That Amerikan's felt fright
They invaded our territory like a thief in the night
Now in the eleventh hour the search for salvation
is the talk of the day
Patriotism is back, but what a price to pay
Lives lost foolishly
All because of hate
The reason is clear
There's no need for debate
God looks upon us with pity and a frown
While the souls are crying out from under the ground

And betwixt all of the anguish and disbelief
Bush offers a scripted motif for the victims and the deceased
Promising vengeance for the attack on our peace
And the capture of Bin Laden who is far beyond our reach
Red, White, and Blue handkerchiefs symbolizing our grief
And the contract of freedom that now has been breached
Waiting to Exhale? I'm waiting to release
Searching the ruble of my mind for sanity and relief
With blood stained hands adding my name to the six thousand wreaths
Ushindi! Ushindi! Ushindi
Meaning 'Victory' in Swahili*

Falling Down by Nubian Reign

© Copyright 2001. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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