by Nubian Reign

Devils running around in Desperation
Detracting from Black Heritage through Assimilation
To Fortify their Needs, to Satisfy their Greed
Searching for a Temple to Plant their Seeds
In hopes of Nurturing more "Hangin' Trees"
To Destroy the Root of a Nubian Nation
By spreading Genocide through Propagation
Infecting those who lay down with the Devil's Maiden
Is it Non-Consciousness or Self-Destruction?
To Wake Up Without Answers, only Instructions
That Lead us not on the Road to Emancipation 
But Deliver us Back to the Fields of Plantations 

From the soil of the plantation
Sole beneficiary of segregation
Dropping seeds on the black population 
To educate and birth this nation
The devils advocate stands on trial
Swimming in sin and drowning in denial
Charged as a pedophile
Convicted of raping Africa of her youth and smile
Belly of your own beast...choke on your own bile

Do my ears deceive me or better yet my eyes
Looking at how hard
These people keep trying
An imitation of life but how can this be
Trying real hard to sound and act like me
No acting or classes can make you black
It comes from 400 years of oppression without slack
Your sympathy is not needed 
But are you down for the cause
You acting black is like a d*ck with no balls

Itís not in a bottle
Or on the shelf of a store
You raped my great grandmother
Treated her like a whore
Everyday you see me
You should see her
Acting like I forgot
Oh itís not a blur
My mindís eye is real clear
The memories I hold near
Even in my darkest hour, I still seem to shine
You be like ME?
God doesnít have that much time

In the end itís quite obvious they really donít have a clue
So letís f*ck with all their heads and try something new
Unlock our heritage doors and charge a fee at the gate
Get the brothers and sisters to start teaching classes
A ďBeing BlackĒ workout thatíll put Tae-Bo on their asses
But it canít take long or be too demanding
Lord knows white people need time for their tanning
Suicide to their skin for our divine pigmentation
As we laugh at this bootlegged form of societal imitation
While our masses benefit from this cultural charade
Cause if theyíre dumb enough to tryÖ
We might as well get paid.

Assimilation by Nubian Reign: PoetiCCessence, RadiKalson, YNotMe, Dmellifluous1der and RiP

© Copyright 2000. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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