Heavens Door

by Novella Kennedy

Have you ever met that special someone
At least you thought had potential to be the "ONE"
Who brought out things within you you didn't know about
Who opened the floodgates to what you thought was a drought

You saw something in each other that sparked a flame
But you grew scared because you're wondering if they are popping game
So you backed away thinking "I need to slow this thing down, grab a hold"
Can this really be happening? Is all this glitter gold?

You find that there is baggage that isn't easy to leave
A son, a daughter, baby mama drama, DAMN!, so naive
You ask yourself, "Do I wait? Is he worth the heartache?"
Do I hope for the best and pray about the rest?

Do I leave while I can and find me an available man?
Can I let this feeling go and try starting all over again
He's so charming, sexy, feels good, looks good
Open your eyes girl; he's the same brother from around the hood

GOD takes care of fools and babies
But I really want to be this mans lady
Then the no return calls, no shows
The constant calling, the feeling of I told you so

I thought he could be it
Just another piece of ghetto shit!
I felt like I was at heavens door
Only to find out I was dropped on the floor

Heavens Door by Novella Kennedy

© Copyright 2002. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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