My Dad

by Norman Samuda Smith

A Tribute Frederick William Smith

Sunrise: January 9, 1924   Sunset: November 20, 2014 

He showed me how to be a man. Heís helped me, advised me and guided me. 
Although sometimes I havenít agreed with him along the way. 
Heís strong and gentle too, and I strive to be like him everyday...

Iím blessed to be his son, it was written from the start.
Heís a supreme father, loving, kind and smart.
Heís not a chic dresser, but heís trimmed and very neat;
with casually smart clothes, to the shoes he wears on his feet.
He doesnít hang out at the pub,nor does he drive a flashy car;
and when he takes vacations, he doesnít go too far.
He doesnít dine on fine cuisine; To him: ĎFast food nuh sweet,í
he always has rice on his plate, when itís time for him to eat.
He has a humble house in California,which has all what he needs.
He keeps his garden cut nice and short;
he grows vegetables and fruits and he trims all the weeds.
He used to work long hours, to earn an average pay.
Even when he was sick or tired, he turned up at work everyday.
He worked as a mechanic, a builder; a variety of jobs.
His pay just made ends meet;
but the few good friends and family he has,
makes his life complete.
He has never had much money,
his life is not for show; but still heís the richest man, I will ever know.
Heís not well-versed in poetry, the theatre or the arts,
but he has wisdom, knowledge and overstanding of life,
something that he constantly imparts.

He loves the simple things in life, for riches he doesnít thirst.
He knows what is important, he puts his family first.
The wealth that God has given him, to treasure in his life;
loving sons, daughters, grandchildren and great grandchildren, and a very special wife.
To many heís just a simple man;
but heís the greatest man I know.
A man of great dignity, honour and strength;
heís my Dad, my mentor, my hero.
Bless up Dad!

Rest in Peace.

My Dad by Norman Samuda Smith

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