Freedom Street

by Norman Samuda Smith

One night while I lay down in my bed
Nuff rhythms and rhymes passed through my head
Some rhythms were happy, some rhymes were sad
Some of them remind me of the good times I had.

So I roll over and grab my pen and note pad
To record this moment of inspiration I had
And now this scribbled psalm is complete
Mek me introduce unnu to Freedom Street.

Freedom from hunger, freedom from pain
Freedom from loss, freedom from gain
Freedom to think, freedom to know
Freedom to achieve and freedom to grow.

Freedom from war, freedom in peace
Freedom to witness all racism cease
Freedom from sickness, freedom in health
Freedom from poverty and mishandled wealth.

Freedom to love, freedom to cry
Freedom to laugh, freedom to be shy
Freedom from wrong, freedom being right
Freedom of the day and freedom of the night.

Freedom of space, freedom of time
Freedom from forced attachment, freedom from crime
Freedom to work, freedom to play
Freedom to believe and freedom to pray.

Freedom from jealousy, freedom to have pride
Freedom of not having anything to hide
Freedom of the body, freedom of the mind
Freedom from ego and freedom from being blind.

Freedom Street ain’t too far away
Maybe we’ll meet there one day
So come what may
Through the seasons which creates the year
Freedom Street is there for those who care.

One Love.

Freedom Street by Norman Samuda Smith

© Copyright 2013. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.