I'm Begging You

by Norman Samuda-Smith

Please don't sacrifice a glance and then turn away;
or look at me from head to toe and shake your head in dismay.

All I'm asking for is some spare change, nothing more, nothing less;
to alleviate me from this situation of helplessness.

I'm not here by choice; which is why, when you see me,
I want you to please remember that I'm human too.
I smile, I cry, I have feelings just like you.

This is why it hurts deep down; that when you see my outstretched hand,
so withered and frail, you still view me as though
 I'm either frightening or strange.

But please try to understand that I mean no harm.
It's not my intention to encourage pity, disgust or alarm.
I have no exit from this vicious cycle...
Without a job, no home...
Without a home, no job...
                and so it goes on.

The street is my home.
Sometimes I too am scared and lonely.
So, passer-by, I'm begging you, I'm asking you...well,
it's kind of hard to explain...

I'll continually pray that one day, some day, 
my God will provide the answer of how I can put an end
to this predicament I'm in.

I must keep believing...
     I HAVE to keep believing...
that there is hope...a light at the end of this dark tunnel of life...
     For if I stop believing, then I have nothing to hold on to...
     Nothing to exist for...

My worldly possessions are the shreds of clothing I'm wearing
and the strength in my soul, which has such great essence...

This my friend is why I'm begging you,
not merely to throw a penny or two my way and then scurry away;
but at the very least to try and understand
just what it is that I'm begging you to do.


I'm Begging You by Norman Samuda-Smith

© Copyright 2001. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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