Next Set

by ~NDG~

my body may have been for the taking 
moralistically forsaking 
everything that I was taught 
Young girl left for the breaking  
her  bosom and ass stuck  out for shaking 
This is not reality  daddy's little princess 
By all means 
delivering  up all her essence

Number one priority  should always be 
to study your lessons 
they always Stressing 
But baby girl Didn't  listen

So she ventures out into the deep down dirty south 
Not really knowing what This game is all about 
Baby girl got hips and a purple painted Mouth 
Over belated passing ships in route 
Understated tips classing of the common wealth niggas is down an out 
She is a Dancer of x-rated clips  performing  In a spiritualist  health drought
The one tall red rose from the depths of the concrete she spurt 
This Queen 
This superior being
A nights dream 
Lady siren 
Vision of the moons beam 
She is elite 
No need to alto shift delete 
She gives you peace

As she leaves 
Knowing not to stay unwanted 
Her soul stay for you are hunted 
Of a Queens commands you are taunted

Her body for the taking 
Your sprits forsaking 
There's no negotiating 
Spirit and hearts are set for the breaking 
Feelings and emotions are for the shaking 
Solider of love but nonparticipating 
Love is fading 

Next Set by ~NDG~

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