To My Sista's In Rhyme

by Nikki Skies

I could understand if you'd been stripped
Down to be so bare
Maybe getting away from thieves
cause your soul they really don't care
But turning in your crown
For some outside deal just to be down
ain't worth the cash
My sista you been had
My sista you been had

You took off your crown
Now you jig like a clown and you gotta'
Spit words of genocide
cause you shoot fire when you praise how 
courageous yo' man died
cause you say he went down for what he believed in
and it being something
something that boiled his blood within
He fell back simply cause of no love for self in the end.

And part of the part should've 
been words from you
An example of how you doing righteous for you
If your part and my part is to be naked
then let it be bringing the truth.

Standing tall instead of 
knocking 'em down or
Challenging the ascension of the shoulders from
which you sway.

There's another way
There's another way
And it gotta' pay

I pray for the day when my Sista's in rhyme
can shine ALL intertwined with power forever
image strong not determined
by another who'll sell 'em out for chedda'
I pray for the day when my Sista's
are flowing the crowd
with rods in their grips
showing our family how we still clench our fist

Reminding the execs' how their career is going to go
Running the homes and blowing up all the mics
in the major studios

My rhyme Sista'
They say you fine as a butterfly
Now show some of dat ass
You say okay knowing within
you really got class

They say you fine as a butterfly
you'd better know they only live five days
You got that immortal womb
that drops miracles and waves lyrics
like that never wanted monsoon.

My rhyme Sista'
you are fine as a butterfly
and should only be naked when you tellin' some truth
cause then i'm down for your sounds
keep flowin
just don't forget your crown

To My Sista's In Rhyme by Nikki Skies

© Copyright 2000. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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