This Is Why I'm Alone

by Nat Freeman

I been slipping 
I been falling 
Right calling
But I only pickup when I hear wrong 
This is why I'll always be alone
Acting a damn fool with my phone
I need to do better 
You'd think I never knew better 
But I do 
I just be losing focus 
I be losing sight 
Wilding out at night 
To ashamed to tell you what I did 
This ain't how I wanna live 
How I am supposed to raise a kid?
When I'm hardly grown 
I see maturity calling but I don't answer the phone 
This is why I'll forever be alone 
That's why they all gone 
And they ain't coming back
I'm looking at that back
I was raised better than that 
But it's been one of those months 
I been up on a hunt
Starving like I skipped breakfast and lunch 
What's for dinner?
What do you serve to a sinner?
A vet at this life thing
But still act like a beginner 
I ain't never been a winner
A loser
A reject
A scrub
All the above 
Everybody wannabe loved 
It's just a matter of how and when 
Once I get it right I mess up again 
This is why I ain't gotta girlfriend 
This is why I'm all alone 
Commitment calling but I don't pick up the phone
I keep getting it wrong 
I got 4G how I end up in the friend zone?
That's what I get for being a great listener 
That's what I get for being so damn funny
All you want is good sex 
And a brotha who willing to spend his money 
I ain't quite there yet honey
I'm just big ol dummy 
Like Sanford and Son
If you see me you better run 
As fast as you can 
Ima no good man 
Give me a couple years 
I promise I'll no longer be here 
I ain't got it all figured it out yet
That's not what you wanna hear....
I know...
You're free to go 
I'm sorry that was out character 
I gotta stick to the script 
But how am I supposed to when it keeps getting flipped?
How many times I gotta screw it up before I get it right?
What am I doing with my life?
It keeps calling but I don't pick up the phone 
This is why I'll always be alone......

This Is Why I'm Alone by Nat Freeman

© Copyright 2015. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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