by Nat Freeman

Why you have so much hate in your heart?
Why you build things just to tear them apart?
What is in your heart?
Why must little ol’ you be so dark?
You could be so pretty
Why you hate your city?
What did it do to you?
Did it ruin you?
Is this why you want to move?
Go ahead and run
You can’t hide from the sun 
You can’t hide from his son 
Look at what you have done
Are you done?
I know you’re not dumb
I cheated off of you in high school 
We used to be cool
You hate me too?
What did I do?
You ever wonder if it’s you?
Searching for green 
But you looking real blue 
How you tripping with no shoes?
We trying to win 
Why you want me to lose?
Alarm clock went off and you hit snooze
You never showed up 
When you going to grow up?
Sick of it?
Then go ahead and throw up
Should’ve never mixed clear with that dark
Why you have so much hate in your heart?
Why you want to tear everything apart?
Should’ve known you’d cross me from the start 
I had dreams of topping charts
Didn’t you get your degree? 
Why you work at Wal-Mart?
Seen you stocking Cheetos on aisle 10
Remember when we were friends?
What happened to then?
Heard you on drugs 
Heard you got a case
Is that why you can’t look me in the face?
Why your heart filled with so much hate?
I’m barely eating 
Why you trying to pick off of my plate?
Why couldn’t you wait?
Now it’s too late
Hurt me like a toothache 
Why don’t you fill your heart with love?
Instead of filling your body up with alcohol and drugs 
Love ain’t what you get from the club
That’s lust 
Just some squirrels looking for a nut 
Hands out looking for their cut
They done set you up 
Why couldn’t you have just stayed?
Why did you have to move away?
Saw on Facebook that you passed away the other day………………….

Timeline by Nat Freeman

© Copyright 2015. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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