by Nat Freeman

Where do I go from here?
I'm asking the man in the mirror?
Women disappear, reappear then disappear
Guess ima sorry time filler
Nice guy with the thoughts of a killer
Killer with the thoughts of an innocent child
That's what lies behind this smile
Would rather go to the park and kick one of my freestyles
But then I get worried that they won't feel me 
Come on bruh really?
Gotta remind myself that I'm dope 
Gotta remind myself to keep hope
Stay confident in myself
Or at least fool everybody else
I'm hyping my friends up 
I really got em going 
But they ain't knowing 
Cuhz I don't be showing 
I told Gloria one day we'll be glowing
Then she faded away 
I'm sure I'll run into her one day 
But what if one day turns into years?
What if I'm no longer here?
See how they disappear, reappear, and then disappear??
Guess if I had more dough
They'd never go 
But if they were still around I'd never grow
I would've never grew
I would've been too busy dealing with you 
And you!
When you gotta good heart this what they put you through 
I gotta good reason to be through 
I gave em food for thought and they just chewed 
You can see that they didn't swallow 
It's a heavy burden to lead 
So folks just follow
Who is that following my steps?
Are you out of breath? 
There is so much more left 
We just come back after death 
It feels like I never left 
That's an old soul 
In a young body 
I know I'll never reach everybody 
But will somebody listen?
I'm just trying to make a difference 
The finish line is a long distance 
But I brought my hiking shoes 
Just I now but I used to have a crew 
But I'd rather you be true to you
That's what I told Jean 
This goes out to all my queens 
You're more beautiful than any girl in those magazines 
I love your body 
You should love your body 
Even in the presence of hate I show love to everybody 
The road is long and I'm already knowing 
But bruh ima keep on going 
We are already perfect we just need to keep growing 
I promised Gloria one day we gonna be GLOwing...

Glowing by Nat Freeman

© Copyright 2015. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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