Provocation of Thought

by Nate Love

We be victims of our own desires no matter the consequence,  we yet seek things to destroy our very selves. I pensively ponder on things that make us choose to turn toward ruin, And can come up with only two propellers. One being the need to feel, and secondly the urge to please, to feel something if not love then anything will suffice for the night, so we allow non compatible peoples into our spaces. And the need to please, despite the hurt also intrigues and appeases our selfish need to be wanted. We are in a state of disarray when things aren't done correctly or words aren't expressed tentively, because we know the importance of order. Yet we refuse to hear the voice of reason. The severity of our choices to feel wanted rip at the fabric of prideful vestiges we've built over the course of our entire lives. Which is why we must seek out that balance "together."

Provocation of Thought by Nate Love

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