by Natasha Sherese Campbell

Young, pretty impressionable girl.
Living in her own material world.
With a simple man of another race.
People from two different backgrounds, you can see it in their face.
He wants this girl in a sexual way.
The relationship never gets a chance to nurture.
Basically it is per infatuation day by day.
The first time he calls her a bitch.
The second time he calls her a whore.
Please baby do not disrespect me anymore.
She takes him back over and over in time to find.
He makes up with mere sobs, letters and cards
disguising himself to be kind.
Please baby do not hurt me anymore,
I am afraid that you will put your hands on me
and knock me down to the floor.
I can place this feeling but something is wrong.
His temper this whole vibe,
this has been going on for too long.
He comes from a rocky and shady past.
His previous relationships did not last.
But he is a changed man, he told me he loves me, I know he cares.
But yet I do not understand he throws a temper
and has me walking out in public in my underwear.
He said he wants me only, there can be no other.
His background consists of a prejudice father and mother.
I heard it from the grapevine that he has a promiscuous past.
Hitting up anything in a skirt real fast.
This cannot be, he said they are just his friends
and oh the number he got the other day
was because it was her fault again she did not give him no play.
You see how can you respect me if you cannot respect yourself.
You must have dealt with bitches and whores
in your promiscuous past in your closet, on your shelf.
See I am too good for you and always will be
see I am the best you will ever have come across and will ever see.
I do not even know what this poem is for
I guess it is to let you know that baby,
you  cannot and will not disrespect me anymore.
God bless.........

Disrespected by Natasha Sherese Campbell

© Copyright 2001. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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