The World I See

by Mari Nard

All my life there's been a fight. 
If I was born white, I wouldn't battle for my rights. 
All I want is to be respected, 
but I've never even been accepted. 
Maybe if they would just look inside of me, 
and for once not judge the appearance they see. 
They'd realize there's not much difference from me and you, 
or maybe it's to hard for them to face the truth. 

Just wait a little longer and you will finally see, 
that this world was truly created for you and me. 
No matter how many times you're down, 
always get up off the ground. 
Show everyone how great you are, 
then you'll be the brightest star.

Just little me against the world, 
all because my hair is tightly curled. 
If only I was Aryan, 
then maybe life wold be fair again. 
Maybe Trayvon would't have to die, 
and all these nights we wouldn't cry. 
All I want is some equality, 
I never asked anyone to love me. 
Just please give us some justice, 
and have all our stories published. 
That way history won't repeat itself, 
and we can say with death we finally dealt.

I want a world with no KKK, 
so someday my kids can go out and play. 
I this really to much to ask, 
cause humanity is changing way to fast. 
What happened to love thy neighbor, 
I want to know who's your Savior. 
It can't be the same as mine, 
when I'm being killed when there's no crime. 
I'm telling you this is the right time, 
to look up and see the world's not dong fine.

I won't be demonized because of my ethnicity, 
I will fight back with great tenacity. 
Until the day comes and you finally see, 
we will not be killed by the enemy. 
Shine a light, cause I know our futures bright. 
Now we end the fight, 
with the start of a brand new night!

The World I See by Mari Nard

© Copyright 2013. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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