On Conformity...

by Naima

Foolish are we

That we cannot bear our souls

Afraid of revealing anything unpleasant

We go on  leading false lives

Projecting innocence.

We are not free


Contaminated we become

With societal ill and media hype

Such that our hearts silently bleed

Remembering lighter times

Of liberation and acceptance;

decent contemplation


Was there hope even then?

[in the womb of creation]

Humanity would somehow prevail

Over this cerebral cancer - 

Self destruction from idealistic views

and forced compliance


Here we exist

Only to end because of some grave sickness

or some act of violence

Then to be perceived as heroic

in death to all it may concern

[time will pass; we will forget]


In reality, we did what we were taught to do

To survive without expression

and succumb to the power of our culture

Only a choice few will be blessed

with the necessary vision

to see the [actual] intention for life


they will acknowledge the will of our Creator

To learn our spirit and independence

See the beauty in our differences

A new sun will rise for them

Revealing the true concept of time

and purpose

On Conformity... by Naima

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