Black Folks Love Superheroes!

by Nadra Enzi

Black folks hunger for superheroes!

A casual review of Black statements regarding personal inspiration often cite superheroes from television and comic books. Any group emerging from chattel slavery; domestic Apartheid and today's stealth discrimination should have healthy appetites for all things super.

Transcending external limitation is a standard superhero theme. Whether the character is a human crusader or super powered, their deeds resonate with those sorely in need of championing.

One of the greatest pleasures I get when telling Black folks my (code) name is Capt. Black is the happy recognition of "Finally, someone's on our side!" A lot of us feel the Seventh Calvary has missed our neighborhood.

My message is simple: we're the superheroes we've been waiting for! No one understands our situation better than we do. No one is closer to potential solutions either. No one knows better than I what it feels like to have concerns ignored or potential undermined.

That said, I nonetheless don't want anyone accepting limitations in any shape, form or fashion.

Superheroes represent creatively escaping limits in a compelling manner. Black folks are natural audience to advocate for what I term "super rights."

We have a right to be super. Period. Being super means inventively combating old problems and creating new roles for ourselves. Becoming super demands rising above any opposition or opposing opinion.

Being super is the only choice for self-loving people. Otherwise we're just upgraded slaves with e-mail addresses.

Comic books speak a unique vision of freedom I've promoted for a lifetime. Characters use mind. body, soul and even super powers to save lives and stop insane threats. The real world also has more than its fair share of insane threats and any inspiration to change it is more than welcome.

Their bright colors and imaginative plots are a mirror many readers hold to see potential on display in sensationalized forms. The same holds true for fans of professional wrestling; mixed martial arts; other sports and any high profile profession.

I've always sought industries and stories celebrating the super self within.

My hunger for superheroes eventually informed every profession and activist movement I entered. This hunger eventually informed my becoming a real life version of what I've read and formerly vicariously experienced.

Creatively fighting the Good Fight and lending a helping hand is all I've ever wanted to do. Consequently, this ambition is in many ways the only one I've ever seriously considered. Being average is a straight jacket from which only dreamers and visionaries can escape.

We, like many others, love superheroes. Why not join the fun? Why not live the very highest ideals and finally become your modest version of a living legend.

Black folks love superheroes! I work to have us love ourselves enough to exercise the right to be super. Against all odds what other choice is available? Rising unemployment and plummeting morale demand out-of-the-box thinking!

Capt. Black could use the company!

Black Folks Love Superheroes! by Nadra Enzi

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