An Urban Domestic Violence Legend

by Nadra Enzi

Once upon a time there rode Sir Niger of Chatham, a Scribe (Writer), private paladin (Security Guard) and occasional Thief-Taker (Bounty Hunter).

His then-beloved, Maid Sharon of Carver Heights, was fraught by harassing calls and disturbing visits from Lowly Leo, her ex-beloved, broken of heart and possessed by the Twin Terrors, Crack and Alcohol.

In her front yard sat her damaged horseless carriage (automobile), its shattered windshield mute testament to Lowly Leo's rage.

On a cold night in September of nineteen hundred and ninety-seven, while Sir Niger lay home with a cold, Lowly Leo set forth a scheme most foul!

Seizing his and Maid Sharon's young son from his mother's residence and suddenly appearing on Maid Sharon's doorstep, he then dragged the youth away from his anxious mother!

Maid Sharon took frantic chase, only to have Lowly Leo seize her by the throat and threaten both Murder and Love whilst he attacked!

Fortunately, Maid Sharon wrenched herself away, took their young son and ran for home and safety!

She called the Constables of Savannah (the Savannah Police Department) and Sir Niger, who immediately roused himself form rest, summoned a horseless carriage for hire (a taxi) and gave chase!

Having pondered long the knave named Lowly Leo, Sir Niger had written the dates and times Lowly Leo would call Maid Sharon with threats most foul.

Armed with this information and a magic box (tape recorder) 'pon which Lowly Leo's words were captured, Sir Niger found Lowly Leo at a paid voice sender (pay phone)from whence he would harass Maid Sharon in times past.

With two Savannah constables (police) watching, Sir Niger struck his foe a mighty blow before he could pounce!

He then produced the evidence of Lowly Leo's stalking and threats.

To this day, Lowly Leo has never menaced Maid Sharon again. THE END.

The above urban legend is based on an actual domestic violence incidence and highlights the responsibility domestic violence survivors and their partners have in guarding against violent former mates.

Documenting the dates and times of harassing calls and incidents is vital. One can also contact the Annoyance Call Center of the phone company to have it create a log of such activity. These steps show the authorities a pattern of behavior that merits official attention.

The next step is to obtain a restraining order. This warrant, issued by the Magistrate Court or its equivalent, is based on the survivor's testimony and places this volatile situation on public record.

It may be necessary in some jurisdictions to get a report from the local law enforcement agency in order to get a restraining order.

After the order is sworn out, neither party, survivor or stalker, can be near each other. The actual distance and other requirements may again vary according to different state laws.

If the stalker does not have a fixed address, it is best to send it to his either his parent's home or someplace he is known to frequent. Unless it is given to him, the order does not take effect.

Violating this decree can result in the immediate arrest of the stalker.

While the federal Violence Against Women Act of 1994 and various state laws have made evidence of physical injury on either party a misdemeanor offense, there is still too much domestic violence occurring.

Even those who in theory protect the public- the police and military, have higher than normal rates of family violence.

One provision of the Violence Against Women Act would revoke the right of offending law enforcement and service members to bear arms. This provision has yet to be aggressively enforced.

While the nation is mobilized to repel foreign aggression, it must be acknowledged that preventing domestic violence is also a homeland security priority.

It is hypocritical to fight aliens who pose a threat while ignoring the terror in our households and communities.

For some, the preceding urban fable is a nightmare come true!

The author is the "Sir Niger" of an actual domestic violence case and is a security writer specializing in opinion editorials, discrimination complaints and general grievances.

An Urban Domestic Violence Legend by Nadra Enzi

© Copyright 2002. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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