Where Do "Ns" Go?

by Nadra Enzi

The N-Word has been buried... but what happens to the "Ns"? By "Ns", I mean those who refuse or can't (take your pick) rise to the high bar of acceptable Blackness held by factions with in the community.

Bougie Blacks will say the "Ns" are loud talking, low income, inner city dwellers. Conscious Blacks define "Ns" as folks devoid of proper self-knowledge and customs. Unaligned Blacks may point at both Bougie Blacks and Conscious Blacks and declare, "those "Ns" are crazy!"

The N-word's burial still leaves a lot of us left with various versions of slave-thinking classic and lite (I'm one of the Conscious Blacks, btw- by the way). Its burial means the next thing to go is the limiting mindset issued over generations that undermines personal and group acheivement.

Farewell to the N-Word. Welcome to the "Ns" left behind. I know some of you are now saying, "That "N" Nadra is crazy!" The N-word only dies when we stop seeing each other as "Ns." The choice, as always, is ours.

Where Do "Ns" Go? by Nadra Enzi

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