At My Best

by Myrrh:)

i hate to put you off again.
you should know just how i feel
you know i want to be with you
can`t you tell, my love is real.

but what i have to ask you
i ask for both our sakes.
please believe that this,
my love is true
and please agree--to wait.

i can be a better person
and that`s who i want to be.
WE can be so much better
once i`m a better me.

at my best
i`ll stand strong beside you
having already stood on my own.

at my best
with the peace i`ve learned to love
we can make our house a home.

at my best
i can bask in your love
without being insecure.

at my best
i can hear "I Love You"
and never be unsure.

so please allow me
the space i need
to better love myself.
forgive me for the waiting and
if you MUST--find someone else.

i would do a great disservice
to rush in like a fool.
when i know i am not ready,
letting my emotions rule.

i promise...

at my best
i can back you
no need to worry `bout a thing.

at my best
i`ll make you proud
to wear your wedding ring.

at my best
we`d make a unit
that no man can divide.

at my best
i`ll make my husband
a very lovely bride.

but...that`s not today.
till then i`m working on being

At My Best by Myrrh:)

© Copyright 2000. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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