Minding this Tenet of Ours

by Lehmy L. Mweleh

Minding this Tenet of Ours
to resettle our frames
minding this creed of ours
flushing roamers sacked out,
minding this setting of ours
to be again our own selves,
free as we'd breathe
free as we'd watch time slide by
free as we'd not fancy catching lapse
free as we'd freely let lapse
flow along with the wind
free as we'd be bound to let lapse
run in the boneless belly of the river,
free as we'd let every breathing body
breathe the shared ring

Minding this Mind of Ours
to set our bound grown souls free
trying to recover for a living 
the once lost freedom our song had been seeking for
free as we'd need not cut lapse
into lumps of sparkling nothings
whose outcome would turn alter bodies
into body negation and nether things
free as we'd need not fill in blank words
just to impress all the eyes
watching from all around
that we are the living
free as we'd simply try handling
and stroking the cobbles and pebbles
of our kernel spirits,
laudation never need brittle
and adulation never need crush
and belaudation never need squdge
these tokes into glass eyelets,
just to show what death wielding craftsmanship means

Minding this Belief of Ours
be what it has always been
and what it should have been
for generations from generations onwards
and rainfalls and cool respites
the dried out weeds would be back again,
and the river would be furring again
and the wind would be whistling again
and the kids would be romping again
along with the variegated flock
of birds dwelling our realm
we'd never be sick watching
we'd never be tired keeping an itent ear
to their throe-and-woe-soothing singing,

Minding this Creed of Ours
with such a canopy dome
a shield prevailing home
to mind the true thunder
and mind the true lightning 
dazzle icy eyes caught outing
by night
this darkness never lost either greenness
or blueness
that both lost their darkness
and mind the true pouring 
that purifies the Soul of Ours 
that never proved to be boastful
at being more than itself 

(July 23, 1996)

Minding this Tenet of Ours by Lehmy L. Mweleh

© Copyright 2001. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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