Hearing With My Eyes (1)

by Lehmy L. Mweleh

i couldn't recognize you
from that crowd that kept you
at loss,
delerictly anonymous,
i heard your voice
that i failed to tell from
the ever roaring
of a fuzzy whirling chorus
i heard your name
being called out loud
but dramatically failed to make it out
as being yours
i need now catch sight
of your voice
while hearing it,
i now need be watching
your peerless name
while reading it,
i need hence get into touch
with your unwonted picture
rather than be
this heavy-hearted
reduced to beholding it,
and from each stroke
i'd like to make sure
i'm standing in the bold face
of that kin of mine
i heard of so often
when desperately groping,
then only then
will i reognize your shade up-
on a shadow
insofar as my quest has been running
for bunches of rainfalls
i so far find so hard to decipher
from the coined and truncated anthology
you were swiftly
mentioned in no fair dispatch,
i need be sure that
the name you're supposed to be wearing
that name unbeknown home
is really yours
and i need have my doubt
definitely wiped off
with the fog
up eaten by the wakening sun-
only when i read it with my finger
so confident and revamped
at running
on your skin,
and get your skin paint
be fitting in with my fixed up eye-drum
duely made up
along with my mind
a blob inborn
as inky as the floor
and the ceiling of our unbound cosmos.

Hearing With My Eyes (1) by Lehmy L. Mweleh

© Copyright 1995. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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