Crystal Gloom

by Lehmy L. Mweleh

crystal night,
a shiver that keeps on glowing in a darkened skull
as if singing,
heart-staining demons have gotten stubborn life
that really never dies,
it's like a snake beaten up
to death
but squirming
and whirling
all around its own heart,
the heart of note
still beating hours and hours later,
you press the tail  
you find some hidden life startling
out of there,
crystal night crystal to be
the eyes of those eyes that laud
the gloom,
crystal light
of such kind of stainlessness
broken up,
crystal glass on a sight
brittled up,
they want me to drink what they call
unallayed water
where you are going
mind the plot you're setting
your feet on
swarming throngs burst out roaring
a glum song
by the while they've been roaming
all over the country,
the past picture
may come commonplace again
'cuz all those remote days
are not that far away
one will fumble for a gaggled reason,
an excuse
ye know, belliquous fire drives any mind
i'm not with the word
i'm not in the word
a mind's got to choose
facing the alternative
it took the word from the out away
shoving it off flinging it astray
then standing out
striving at holding its insight, 
feeble fumbling minds staggeringly took it
inside of them
hoping they would turn out to be strong
but wail they were weak
'cuz they lost,
and if loss had gone another way?


Crystal Gloom by Lehmy L. Mweleh

© Copyright 1992. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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