Cheikh To Mars

by Lehmy L. Mweleh

We heard your voice Cheikh talk
on your own behalf
whilst talking in the behalf
of that hold
that granted you no keen membership
We felt shame whelm their toke screen
we watched it be coming
so reluctant
at letting the local eyes
see the picture
the voice was standing for
As the circumstances gave them
no choice
they eventually revealed your face
wearing the shade of your typical
you grew naturally universal,
'cuz you've always been
a shade universally natural
We could feel your state of mind
so bold at ignoring those self-absorbed hearts
that once dared slam the door
banging it in your face,
those gnarring faces that blatantly showed you
the way out
jeeringly looking forward to seeing you lost,
Still not braced for the ungrateful deed
you grudgingly went off,
leaving your dreams for a while
but ready to overcome
the ordeal
mending up your nightmarish
You strove Cheikh, till you strifled
out there
reaching the sweet-smelling hell
you gropingly made for
that soft-voiced hell
where they freely let you get in
for a welcome
while hailing your coming,
not for your bark's shade
as you sure knew it
but for the nitty-gritty of your wit
There was a spark to handle
that was some new gleam to tame
there was much pride to hold back
that was high light to keep up
Renowned father of the still-born kid
you made soar for fame
cleverness and enlightenment
to fathom martian guts
You'd frown your eyebrows hearing
the ungrateful side
that bluntly spat you
advocate today the ere broken up kinship
pretendingly introduce you
                here's the boy we made
                become a man
Were you that dull shade
coming back,
that nonentity they turned
into a bright brain?
Your smile came out
only with your unrevengeful voice
The smile never forgot
how harsh the braggart's voice had been
to you
afore you came someone over there
far off this seashore
The Cheikh they minimized
the elder Anta they demeaned
and squarely banned
rain-falls afore
'cuz he simply said they were turning their back to
fair play   
they fail to shup up while heckling
their then ever prevailing
forgeries and fakeries and talltales
You'd just smile
now hearing them talk of
that dull boy they once chased
calling you roughest rabbish
                here's the orphan
                we once picked up and made
                come a name
You'd smile today back to
their humiliating tongue upon your being
'cuz you were naturally lowful.


Cheikh To Mars by Lehmy L. Mweleh

© Copyright 2006. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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